Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lost Hope in The Future of Rock Music?

don't worry i can help you out, all is not lost......

dead sara = the only hope for good music.

so tired of all this horrible play it safe "rock" music that is all that exists now. 

check em out if you like raw, powerful, gritty rock music.

"weatherman" is probably their most know song, so i linked the video below.

since discovering dead sara sometime in 2007 back in the days of myspace, i was immediately hooked. i hadn't heard anything even remotely like it in years and even then dead sara is a hard rock genre all of their own. 

over the years since i have kept listening and continuing to love their music to no end. i have been so stoked over the last year to see them getting tons of recognition and praise especially for their live performances(which you need to search on youtube ASAP!) and its starting to give me faith that maybe there is hope for real rock music again.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Deep Thoughts & The Perfect Jeans, Why Super Low?

so its 2013, and just like every new year "its the year for change" or so lamely people say.

whatever. enough of that ish...

okay so i seriously found the most PERFECT style of jeans.

they're from H&M and are the "slim regular waist". i seriously tried on atleast 50 different styles while i was in there  and this one style was basically the only style they had that wasn't "low rise" or even "super low rise". whats the deal with that?

so basically they come up to just below my belly they fit super good and actually stay up!  lets be real, i have no ass so my jeans are forever falling down and no belt can fix that with super low jeans.

H&M was also having some sort of sale i actually found like a million things that fit good and i wanted but, self control. can't afford buying everything in sight and if your reading this and can...i hate you :)

i also got this baby blue metallic mini skirt(im aware how horrifying that sounds) but its super cute and so very 90's looking. like right out of clueless....

& i got this off-white cream colored pencil skirt with gold scallop type details on it.

ok. done. the end.