Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Collective Haul (Ulta, Rite Aid, Ebay, Target, & More)

over the past month and a half i have acquired quite a bit of new products from many trips to different stores or multiple trips to the same store. so i thought i would do a haul on the items i have picked up. but of course i am now remembering another item i completely forgot until right now, so no picture of that one.

anyways where to start, i think i will start with one of my multiple trips i have to take to rite aid each month. so hence being there so often i inevitably end up buying way too much...

so the first time i went to rite aid i bought my necessary beverage(s).

the picture above are the total zero red bulls, which i grabbed on accident. they are actually my least favorite i meant to grab the sugar free....but it's okay i survived.

the last few items i got on this trip were, 2 of the Carmex lip balms they were BOGO FREE....SCORE! i picked up 1 in lime, and 1 in pomegranate. i have had them a few weeks and am loving them! i hadn't seen these before until recently. are they new?

the other 2 items i picked up were 2 of the coveted Revlon kissable balm stains. the 2 i purchased were honey, and cherish. they were BOGO 1/2 off and if you spent over $10 you received $4 revlon up rewards.

the next stores items i picked up were from Marshalls. i LOVE the philosophy 3-in-1's and while browsing i saw a few that caught my eye. okay, let me put this out there so this makes sense. its FREEZING where i live, so me being me am particularly attracted to to "summery scents" right now. i'm assuming its like i think if i smell those types of scents it will lift my mood, but then again that could also really backfire as well...

anyways i bought 1 cabana girl 3-in-1(guava coconut type scent), 1 beach party 3-in-1(island colada scent), lastly i noticed they had a cabana girl body lotion. which made me extremely curious because i haven't tried their body lotions before.

randomly on a trip grocery shopping i happened to notice they had aussie products on sale. i picked up 2 of the 3 minute miracle deeeep conditioners, i think they were like $2.35 or something really close to that each and i happened to have a aussie manufacturers coupon that was buy 2 get $1 off. so i of course needed to get them.....

i keep meaning to do a review on the 3 minute miracle. i never got around to doing it on my former blog, i am going to make sure i do one here in the near future!

next i will go through a few recent ebay purchases. after a lot of browsing and looking into sellers and what not, i found a few items that i really wanted.

the first being the skin 79 super + blemish balm triple function (BB cream) the hot pink one. i haven't gotten a chance to try it yet, but am really excited to. after seeing all these americanized versions of bb creams being made, its really made me want to try the real thing even more.

before i talk about the last 2 items i got from ebay can we just take a moment and just say awwwwwwwwwwww! so cute!!! anyways i had been eyeing these for awhile they're the tony moly petite bunny gloss bars. the 1st one is #5 juicy peach, and the 2nd is #1 juicy strawberry.

i think i might end up needing to review both the tony moly bunny gloss bars and probably the bb cream as well.

one of the other places i visited recently was ulta and i bought entirely too muh stuff. i finally bought the benefit lemon aid color correcting eyelid primer, which i had been eyeing forever. i also picked up 2 of the smashbox lipglosses. i love their lip enhancing glosses, i already have a few to i decided to treat myself to another its one sheer color ones in the color "afterglow". i also picked up one of their limitless  long wear lip glosses in boundless. i hadn't tried this particular type of lip gloss from smashbox before, but it didn't let me down and i am really like it!

-------            -------            -------          -------            -------             -------              -------

i am going to switch over to another trip to rite aid real fast before i finish my ulta items. so after i yet again bought my necessary beverage(s)....

i noticed that all the revlon was 40% off i almost lost control...but it was starting to really snow out so i had to be quick so i knew i needed to get the revlon colorburst lipgloss in bellini that i had heard so much about, but could never seem to get my hands on. it was the last one....fate maybe?

well seeing as i had the $4 up rewards for revlon and the products being 40% off, get ready for this........i spent a total of .49 cents for it.....SCORE!!

-------            --------          --------         ----------            ---------            -----------            --------

the last 2 items i bought from ulta(minus the one i forgot to picture) are 2 cans of batiste dry shampoo in the fresh scent, they were BOGO FREE, so i of course needed them! i actually did need more dry shampoo for real anyways...

the item i forgot to picture was a maybelline color tattoo metal cream shadows in silver strike. its gorgeous, i can't believe i forgot about it!

the last place i picked up anything as far as i can remember was at target, its one sonia kashuk brushes. the small multi purpose powder brush and its actually one of my all time favorite brushes. i already own one. but i found it on clearance and it was the last one for $7.55. which is great to get it for a lower price, but makes me worry that it might be getting discontinued! it is seriously the most amazing brush to apply under eye concealer, trust me.

so thats all i bought recently cosmetic/haircare wise that i can think of. i might do a collective clothing haul soon as well. but only time will see on that one.