Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Garnier Gel Cream vs. Clinique Moisturizing Gel - Comparison

for the sake of the worlds longest post title i have shortened the full names of the products.

their actual full names are "garnier moisture renew refreshing gel cream" and "clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel".

i am now going to try to compare these products in depth the best i can, in a way thats understandable and hopefully not confusing. so if you have been interested in either of these gel moisturizers, hopefully this will help you out with your decision, and my verdict may turn out to be quite the shocker to you as well....

i will start by saying i adore both of these gel moisturizers.

i have been using the garnier one for about a year and am 3/4 through my third jar.

i bought my clinique gel moisturizer at a CCO, although you can buy it anywhere clinique products are sold.


-they both only require a minimal amount of product to cover your entire face and neck(although the garnier typically requires using slightly more product).

-they both sink into your skin and set very quickly.

-they both feel very light-weight on your face and not at all heavy(meaning you don't feel like you have product on your face).

-they both are very moisturizing as well(although i do find the clinique to be a bit more moisturizing).

-they both feel really nice and refreshing when you apply them on your face.


-the scents each of these have are VERY different, the garnier has a very clean freshing smelling scent to it. but it is a light scent. on the other hand the clinique has a stronger scent. its somewhat hard to explain its its more of that lotion-y scent with the slightest floral mixed in. but once its on my face i can no longer smell it.

-the packaging differences are pretty evident and self explanatory(especially from the pictures). the garnier comes in a glass tub, while the clinique is in a bottle with a pump.

-MAJOR DIFFERENCE  (see picture above) the garnier gel moisturizer has 1.7oz. of product, while the clinique has 4.2 oz.

-PRICE POINT DIFFERENCE the garnier gel cream typically costs around $7.99, while the clinique typically costs $24.50.


okay honestly i was with majority of people with my initial thoughts when first seeing the clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel in think woah thats expensive.....but is it really??

so now seeing that i own both, i am re-thinking that. if you look at the amount of product you get in each of the moisturizers. you will notice that with the clinique you get slightly more than 2.5x the amount of product than you get with the garnier.

i am not going to do the exact math, but basically its around $20-21 worth of garnier gel moisturizer to get the amount you get with one bottle of the clinique.

so think about it, honestly is there really a major price difference between the two??

honestly i will say, while i love them both i definitely love the clinique more. i not only find it more moisturizing, and the product will last longer between having to repurchase. plus i also use less of the product with the clinique than with the garnier. not to mention it has a pump(so much more sanitary than the tub) and overall better packaging. i would also consider it a better value for you money!