Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Knot Genie - Detangling Brush

i have seen and heard alot of hype about the "knot genie" and "tangle teezer", which basically are extremely similar but made by different companies. you know how that goes...

i actually had looked both of them up on amazon probably about 6 months ago maybe longer and saw that they both were going for atleast $20....hell no. so i kind of put them in the back of my mind for awhile.

i am a compulsive groupon checker/stalker on my iphone app in particular, i like to look daily and see what's on there. plus literally everyone i know uses the site, whether it be for local things like golfing deals(if that correctly worded? i dunno i don't play), spa deals, or local food deals.

so the 1st time i saw the knot genie on groupon in the "goods" section, i hesitated and the event ended. but maybe a month later it was on there again. this time i knew i needed to to get one. it was i believe $9, but with $2 shipping because the total was less than $15. my memory is awful but for some reason i keep thinking the retail price being listed as $22, but i could be wrong.

they had a bunch of color options, i think there was pink, blue, green, purple, and silver. i think there was another color option that i can't think of. but me being attracted to shiney things was immediately attracted to the silver.

okay, so i guess i should explain what this thing actually is for anyone who might not know. its a hair brush designed to gently comb your hair free of knots and tangles. it can be used for people who have naturally knotty hair, but most often used for detangling wet/damp hair. 

i'm not going to go on a tangent about how bad it is for you to use a regular hair brush on wet hair and all the damage it does. i have always used a comb on my wet/damp hair which works good but is somewhat time consuming and you do still have to use slight force to brush through your hair.

(in relation to my picture above, i am unsure why i took the picture using my black kindle case when i could have taken it on the couch which would have made more sense)

anyways on to my thoughts on this product, overall i am very very impressed with its ability to quickly and easy brush through my damp hair and remove any knots and get done in literally 30 seconds or less. its also extremely gentle, which caught me by surprise because even with a comb you still need to do a tiny bit of tugging to brush through your hair. i didn't have to do that at all with the "knot genie".

the knot genie itself, is about the size of my hand and is very light(as in weight). its easy to hold or grasp. i haven't noticed it pulling out many hairs when i have used it, but by looking at it i can say it would be really easy to clean any off if they did. so i guess i could say "easy to clean". as for my particular "knot genie" in tinseltown silver(being the color name) is very shiney and metallic.

the only negative thing i can say is more of a personal issue, is probably wouldn't be relevant to 99% of the population. but i am going to share anyways, the "knot genie" itself in my mind resembles a jelly fish. i had an awful manowar jellyfish sting experience when i was a child, i won't get into that story. but the point being i am unsure where to store it. i don't want it sitting out on my vanity in plain sight. so i am thinking i will find somewhere in my bathroom to keep it, because i am loving it and its an amazing detangling brush. definitely the best i have ever come across.

if you were curious about or looking into a good place to find a reasonably priced "knot genie" or "tangle teezer" type brush or had never heard of any such product at all, but now are. i would HIGHLY recommend this one and also HIGHLY recommend checking groupon from time to time to see if you can find it on there and get this great deal!