Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review: Bare Minerals "The Truth" Eyeshadow Quad + Swatches

so the pressed eyeshadows from bare minerals have been out for awhile now, like 2 years maybe? i have the worst sense of time ever, but the point being i am honestly loving them! i currently own one of the quads(that im about to review) and 3 of the duos.

the quad which i own is called "the truth". its basically the most neutral (colored) one in their permanent line.

a thing that i really like about these palettes is that not only the palette has a name, but so does each individual eyeshadow AND they are easily identifiable being that they are in a square(ish) box that is roughly the same color as the eyeshadow itself. i know most palettes have individual names for each shadow in them, but some don't and it irks me. plus some that do, are confusing to figure out which shadow is which *cough* MAC quads and don't even get me started with MUFE....numbers, really!? back on topic...

ok, so remember the shadows are always reversed when labeled on the back. this is where the color coded squares really help! 

top left: magnetism (beige-champagne)
top right: serendipitous (cool toned taupe)

bottom left: apropos(medium warm toned brown)
bottom right: fate (very dark cool toned brown)

the texture and color payoff of these eyeshadows is just amazing. they are very smooth and easy to work with. the texture and pigmentation is on par with my beloved chanel mystic eyes quad and thats really saying something...

even though its only a quad i feel like there is a lot of different looks that can be created using this palette. like everything from very simple neutral looks, to dark smokey looks and everywhere inbetween.

initially my thoughts about this palette when i was first buying it was that, it was lacking a matte shade. but the bottom right "fate" shadow, which appears to have very slight flecks of shimmer don't actually transfer over when applied it actually looks almost matte. but it is an extremely pigmented dark brown so i would recommend using a light hand with it, if your not looking to do a smokey eye.

the packaging of these palettes is really nice and simple and has a decently sized mirror. it has sort of rubber-ized texture, kind of like the NARS packaging. although the bare minerals don't seem to pick up nearly as many fingerprints as the NARS does, which is nice.

overall i really can't think of anything negative to say about this palette. i even think the price is very reasonable, which is $30. i got mine at ulta, and i remember using one of their 20% off coupons that they seem to send me in the mail what seems like every other month.

i would say "the truth" quad is a must for anyone who loves neutral shadows.