Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Schick - Hydro Silk Razor

i have always been a loyal user of the gillette venus razors. i have never even owned any other razors!! i always bought another "newer" version of the venus razor when mine i was previously using became old and unusable or lost. trying a different brand honestly NEVER crossed my mind! which is really strange cause god knows i love to try new things and am always looking for the newest/prettiest/best working product of everything under the sun....

the reason i think i never strayed away from the venus razors is that when i started shaving(10 or 11-ish? hey, i was a swimmer and hairy legs aren't cute! ya get me?) and literally everyone i knew was using the venus razors. by everyone i mean, family(mom, cousins, and then a few years later my lil sis), all of my friends at the time and all my friends in the years to follow. plus there was a zillion commercials for them back them. it wasn't a choice really everyone i knew used that brand and i needed to use it as well.

anyways now that i have given you some background history on my experience with shaving razors, i will get on with the point for this post.

awhile back i got a campaign invite from bzzagent to try the Schick Hydro Silk razor. which immediately caught my attention because it finally alerted me to the fact that i had never tried or even considered trying a different razor than the gillette venus and i had also remembered hearing good things about the schick hydro silk razor. so i was very excited to be part of this campaign and try out the hydro silk razor and you know broaden my horizons, well as far as razors go.

so when mu bzzkit arrived it included a hydro silk razor(which comes with 2 refills in it!), my bzzguide, and 8 coupons for $5 off a schick hydro silk razor!

**looking through the bzzguide i immediately noticed that they claim that woman prefer the hydro silk over the venus embrace razor, which was actually the razor i was using at the time!

Facts & Claims:
so i will paraphrase the things i think are most relevant, and later in this post give my own thoughts and experiences. to help anyone who might read this out with deciding if this razor is a fit for them, if they've heard of it before or a just stumbling upon this post.

-each of the cartridges is filled with water-activated moisturizing serum, that's infused with marine extracts and shea butter and hydrates better than any other razor.

-has 5 curve sensing blades that move independently from each other to get a very smooth shave, with efficient shave and blade guards to help protect your skin from getting irritation(having to use fewer strokes helps reduce irritation!).

-the contoured oval shape of the razor cartridges allow you to get a closer shave around the harder to reach places, like ankles, knees and underarms.

-has an erogonmic, soft touch handle with rubber grips to give you the ultimate control while shaving.

-says for best results, use with your favorite shaving cream/gel/foam, although you can use it just on its own.

-claims to moisturize for up to 2 hours after shaving.

so some awards this razor has won(may not interest everyone, but i always like to know these type of things).

-won best razor in the 2012 Cosmo Beauty Awards.

- named best hair remover in the 2012 beauty awards for Fitness Magazine, Prevention Magazine, and Ladies's Home Journal.

Pricing(the Schick Hydro Silk razors are sold at grocery stores, drug stores, and mass retailers(meaning, target, walmart, kmart, bed bath and beyond, ect.)

-starter kits sell for averaging price of about $9.50.

-4 pack refill cartridges retail for about $15.11

***hint, hint!: the best/cheapest places to buy razors in general are drugstores. they always have store rewards programs, weekly sales, then add coupons to boot!

My Thoughts/Verdict:
honestly i was skeptical about the whole water activated moisturizing serum, i was like yeah sure.....cause the venus embrace is supposedly its rival and i was using that before getting the opportunity to try the hydro silk and the embrace was just like any other razor i had from the venus line. so when i first used this razor, i held it under the water for a bit to activate the alleged moisturizing serum it was supposed to contain. i swear to you i would not lie about this, but i used it without shaving cream(or shower gel like i typically use) and it shaved so nicely easily. the moisture serum i am assuming doubles as a sort of shaving cream as well. it gave me an very gentle close shave, and was a easy smooth shave as well, the combination of the razor itself and the cartridge worked amazingly together and it was true about their claim that it makes shaving the harder-to-reach places a close shave and plus no cuts! i occasionally used to get some nicks in harder-to-reach spots partially my ankles.

now heres the real kicker, never did i expect this to actually be true....the whole moisturizing serum aspect like i said a bit ago i was skeptical about. so it really caught me by surprise, when toweling off how nice and moisturized my legs felt. they stayed very nicely moisturized for a few hours afterwards. i was honestly surprised or more than that shocked cause as far as i have seen products never seem to come through with all these types of claims they make. i always chalked it up to embellished product advertisements!

ohhh, i almost forgot to mention! the starter kit for the hydro schick also comes with a handy suction razor holder to stick to your shower wall, to hold the razor.

since the hydro silk razor and embrace razor are supposedly comparable, i can say flat out they are NOTHING alike. the embrace just seems like any other razor i had ever had in the venus line and i never expected it to be anything but that. no wonder woman prefer the hydro silk to the embrace!

overall i am honestly 100% converted to the schick hydro silk razor from now on! i am completely wowed by it, i mean i expected to like it...but i honestly wasn't expecting it to be this great. i guess it got all those awards for a reason........

**disclaimer** i received this product for free from bzzagent for testing, reviewing, & sharing purposes. all opinions are always 100% my own.