Sunday, March 31, 2013

Finished Project: Pinwheel Skirt!

okay wow i just noticed this post has been half written, well more like 1/4 written in my draft box for well over a month...basically i fail at posting.

since i can't seem to only work on one project at a time, i need to be working at least 5 at all times. while still in my head planning future projects i need to attempt. i got to thinking i should share finished projects as well as the random work in progress posts(cause that makes the most sense right?). this is a pinwheel skirt that i recently finished. i kept repeatedly coming across this PATTERN and every time i saw it i kept thinking that skirt is so cute and chic and i need to make it.

so i went searching through my fabric stash and came across both this navy linen fabric and a black. i contemplated for awhile which to use. but i always was leaning more toward the navy so i of course went for that one.

i also really like the idea of adding some type of trim or lacy accent details onto the skirt. i then rummaged through my ribbon stash and decided on using a basic white 5/8" lace ribbon so not to make the skirt too overwhelming and keep with the more sophisticated chic look i wanted to achieve.

for the waist band, i decided i really liked the look of the longer waistband, the the girl used in her pattern. i believe she used a 4", i decided to go for a 4.5". i am very happy with the length of it and i think it really adds to the sophisticated or chic look i was going for. while also being very flattering because it accents your waist to give a very slimming effect. which is always a plus!

as for the zipper i went for just a basic exposed zipper in the back because i thought it would look best with the style of the skirt and i am just kind of a fan of exposed zippers in general. i like the look they give. besides with the pleats and layers in the skirt trying to add a invisible zipper seemed pretty impossible.

as for the length i decided on wanting it to be on the longer side so i made it about slightly past the knee.

i love the look of this skirt and am sooooooooo happy with the way it turned out. i adore the layered look, the pleats and the overall shape of it. i think it definitely has an eye catching look to it. i only wish my pictures could do it justice.

now if only i could find a place to wear this gorgeous skirt!!

also for the record i definitely wouldn't wear it with the yellow cami i was wearing in the pictures... i was just so excited when i finished it i took pictures immediately and happened to be wearing a yellow cami that day and also neglected to clean the typical of me.