Monday, March 4, 2013

Plarn=Plastic Bag Yarn

it occurred to me a few days ago while i was for the zillionth time re-stuffing all these random overflowing plastic bags into yet another (this time giant paper)bag beside my vanity that i had to do something with them. i had thought about this before, thinking the only thing to do with them would be throw them away. but couldn't get myself to do it cause i felt guilty because of the environment and all that the manatees!

so getting to the point i remembered something i saw at one point on pinterest about "plarn" or making/turning plastic bags into a sort of thread to then crochet things with it and since i was i guess in an active mood. i decided right then was the time to attempt this. so i ran upstairs(seriously it was a semi sprint...) and grabbed all the plastic bags i could easily find in my room. which i then brought downstairs and dumped on the floor in the tv room(pictured above). ohhh i forgot before i brought them downstairs i sorted out some of the plastic bags i found because they were made of that super crunchy crinkly plastic and left them behind.

so i went about folding the bags in half, then in half again. then cut the handles off and then cut them into roughly 1 inch strips. i realized through trial and error that if you fold them more nicely, like tucking in the sides of the bags before you fold them. when you cut them they turn out a lot neater and not all jagged or crooked(might or might not be common sense). i also realized i had an unhealthy amount of plastic bags from target...

i then went about connecting them together and rolling them into a ball. i guess i could attempt to explain how you connect them together...

so they are  all cut into loops now. taking an end of the "new loop" aka the one your adding, and pull it up through the previous loop and over(around that loop) and back through the other end of the "new loop". then pull both of the loops to tighten the knot so they are now connected, basically the same way you would tie two rubber bands to each other. try to make the sides of the loops as even as possible to each other so they can all chain together nicely. then roll them into a ball for convenience and to avoid tangles.

then ta-da, you now have made plarn!

since, this was my first attempt making or using "plarn" i was very skeptical of it in general and decided not to plan what i wanted to make. partly to avoid disappointment if it had turned into a disaster. so i just started crocheting it in a circle and i am just going from there basically.

i still have no definite idea what it is i am making yet, i am semi thinking i should make it into a rug. its currently a bit larger than it was in the first picture now(foot and a half, give or take).

as for the whole "plarn" color scheme making strands that are a singular color could be used to add striped details. although i really like the multi-color effect it looks kind of like splattered paint!